We could fill another page telling you about our food and business, but we think it's better if we just share what other people have said.

"It's a good idea...very creative."

"Really interesting concept."

"The ingredients are always fresh and the people are very friendly and polite. I will definitely come back."

"I ordered the Traditional sushi roll from the Favorites menu and it was really good. It was my first time trying pickled radish, but I think I will always choose to add it from now on!"

"I like Sushi roll because it is good food served fast, not greasy fast food. Everything is healthy and made that day."


Please note: This is not a real restaurant, but was a group project for a Foodservice Management class taken at Washington State University. Group members: Ayumi Kojima, Jen-Wei Liu, and Shelly Najjar. Webmaster: Shelly Najjar (

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